Teen Programmers Unite  

  • 32-bit Windows GUI coding in C/C++, by Psion: 32-bit Windows GUI coding in C/C++
  • A Brief Introduction to TPU, by gian: An introduction to the customs and setup of TPU
  • FORTRAN for beginners, by vladimir_l: Here is a quick guide to learning FORTRAN, the language for maths and other scientific calculations
  • Getting Started with Programming, by taubz: An outline of some common introductory programming languages.
  • How to write programs larger than 100 lines, by RedX: A brief explanation about writing legible code
  • Learning C, by Psion: Suggestions for those who wish to learn the basics of the C programming language
  • Learning PHP, by gian: An easy step up for those who know HTML and/or Javascript
  • Web Programing, by taubz: Introduction to web-based programming languages.
  • What is Linux?, by taubz: An introduction to Linux

  • Please, submit your own articles in a special format, or just post your own ideas on the Suggestions forum.
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