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This page provides a place for people eager to learn more about programming to find others willing to guide them through the more difficult parts of the process. We have people who have volunteered to help others in many different areas, so hopefully you can find someone to help you in the areas that interest you. If no one lists one or more of these areas, you can try asking for volunteers on the Suggestions message board on this site.

You will find a list of people who have volunteered to be mentors, as well as short and long descriptions of the subjects on which they feel competent to give help. If you would like to be mentored, find someone on the list who looks like the best match for you and follow the link from his username to view his member profile. There you'll find various ways to contact him, possibly including private messages on this web site, e-mail, AIM, and ICQ, depending on what he's filled in. If he agrees to mentor you, you can work out whatever communication methods you like.

If you would like to volunteer as a mentor, please use the provided link. We maintain one simple rule for the mentoring system: mentors may not ignore questions asked by their mentees. If you have agreed to be someone's mentor and discover, for whatever reason, that you cannot continue with it, you must have the courtesy to alert your mentee of that fact.

I want to be a mentor

This mentor knows: C/C++, VB, PHP, DarkBASIC, TIGCC
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This mentor knows: C/C++, Turbo Pascal (units...), assembly/ ?-processors
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This mentor knows: HTML, Flash, IRC, Win32 Apache Setup
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This mentor knows: Scheme, GNU/Linux
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This mentor knows: (Q)BASIC, C, Java, HTML
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This mentor knows: C/C++, Win32, OpenGl
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This mentor knows: Web Design Basics, Linux Basics
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This mentor knows: PHP, Linux/shell, Apache, basic Java, website odds and ends
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This mentor knows: Linux
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This mentor knows: Java, Basic
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This mentor knows: .NET, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Java, HTML, JavaScript, ASP
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This mentor knows: C, C++, PHP, SQL, Linux and Basic
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