IRC Channel #TPU on the Freenode Network

Teen Programmers Unite  


We are now asking everyone interested in programming related chat to join #hprog, since there's not any reason to limit this to people under a certain age! #tpu is still running, but there aren't many teens or programmers there anymore after 6 years of existence, in truth.

If no one responds to you for a few minutes, you might want to wait around for people to notice that you are there! We encourage you to get a "real" IRC client for your platform of choice. Again, see this page for information on getting the client and IRC in general. Be sure to use the same connection settings you see here.

NOTE: If you have found this page searching for a general IRC Java applet, please do not use this web page to visit non-#tpu places or visit us in #tpu just to ask about this applet. We (young people who don't rake in the big bucks) paid for this applet and we pay for the bandwidth usage that allows you to download it, which you probably do every time you visit the page with some web browsers. As far as we know, there are no free Java IRC applets of this quality available. Sorry.

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