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Welcome to TPU!

You are now a member of TPU. Welcome to our community! Here are some suggestions to help you jump into things as successfully as possible.

First, some things you shouldn't do:
  • Don't ask about "cracking," AKA accessing computer systems without their owners' permission, usually to do nasty things. TPU has nothing to do with that subject.
  • Don't post your homework problems or other assigned schoolwork and ask people to solve them. Rather, if you're having trouble with your homework, you can ask for clarification of particular points in a programming language or whatever else is confusing you. If this isn't enough, then talk to your teacher. TPU is aimed at hobbyist programmers. In other words, we want members who program because they enjoy it. If this site ends up being a place for people in introductory programming classes to get answers to their assignments, then that "fun" atmosphere suffers. Please don't give answers if someone decides not to follow this simple rule and admins haven't deleted the post yet.
  • Even for non-homework questions, please don't post more than 5 lines of code and ask "what is wrong with this code??". Think about your problem first and ask a short question or two that cut to the heart of the matter.
  • Creating HTML documents, images, etc., for web pages is not programming. You can try to get some help here on those issues, but keep in mind that it is off-topic. The TeenDev website focuses on that sort of thing, so you might want to head there with web design questions. Questions on PHP, servlets, etc., are related to programming, so feel free to ask lots of questions about those here.

  • Set your time zone and tweak some other settings (including switching to a framed interface that the site maintainers humbly recommend) in your Preferences. We recommend not listing unread threads in the sidebar unless you've looked through the forums and marked everything as read in each one with the links provided in them.

    Stop by IRC channel #TPU on the Freenode network. This is a 24 hour text chat service, where you can hang out, chat on random subjects, and possibly get instant answers to programming questions if the right people are around. See the IRC section on the left sidebar found with every page for more links.

    Finally, you can read the About TPU guide for an overview of everything TPU has to offer.
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