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Advanced Project

Posted by FatBoi [send private reply] at April 21, 2001, 02:08:59 AM

I have recently enrolled in the "Undetermined Game" project, and after reading through the latest thread posts, I have decided that I need a project to TEST my abilities. I would like to suggest to the TPU staff that we start a project for advanced programmers that would like to delve into the realm of design and advanced programming. This project would have professional standards. What does eveyone think? Given that there aren't many members with the level of skill I am refering to, the project would be small (5-10 members).

-Brent Robinson

Posted by miken [send private reply] at April 22, 2001, 11:15:03 AM

That's a good idea; I wish that the Undetermined Game project could appropriately accommodate and challenge all levels of programmers, but it unfortunately won't be able to. Another project attempting this may be a good idea, if not to test the abilities of TPU's members, to provide a learning project even for advanced members who believe they have little more to learn. I'd love to join, if I have enough time :) Just make sure that a strong organization exists that will survive as the project develops; we have both, i'm sure, seen countless complex projects fail due to this. Good luck!

Mike [mnansgar@hotmail.com]

Posted by drdevil [send private reply] at April 22, 2001, 11:30:27 AM

I dont think there are any members that think they have little more to learn.
If so they would be incredibly arrogant, the only person that comes to mind is Psion, and i dont think even *HE* is *THAT* arrogant :)


Posted by gian [send private reply] at June 14, 2001, 06:59:36 PM

It has been said that Psion has more talent in his fingernail than the rest of us put together...I somehow doubted this, but looking at the devlocus code, I'm not so sure... it's a piece of work, that;s for sure. Well done, Psion

Posted by lordaerom [send private reply] at June 14, 2001, 11:38:08 PM

It's a piece of work alright ^_^

Posted by guess_who [send private reply] at July 06, 2001, 01:22:02 AM

I just joined TPU and reading this, do you guys mean that there's a "project section" around here where one can join in???

Posted by Psion [send private reply] at July 06, 2001, 07:44:55 AM

Not anymore. I don't think anyone was surprised when lack of participation doomed it.

Posted by gian [send private reply] at July 08, 2001, 05:31:49 PM

I wasn't...

Posted by IIPen [send private reply] at July 27, 2001, 02:56:49 AM

Buhahahaha hahahahaha Muahahaha

Posted by RedX [send private reply] at July 31, 2001, 12:42:29 PM

Is it gone? Owh, I see what you mean.


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