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re: programmers problems

Posted by have_dinner [send private reply] at June 30, 2001, 06:50:43 AM

re: programmers problems

May I suggest that if possible, and safe, that when young programmers (like myself) have problems, we be able to post the script up here, or the part that seems to have trouble, as to have experienced PrGmr's be able to debug the code etc.

Thoughts welcome guys.

Posted by Psion [send private reply] at June 30, 2001, 08:15:01 AM

Anyone who doesn't have web space these days is worse than dead. Put it up somewhere and post the URL, so anyone who wants to donate his time to debug your code for you can find it, but it doesn't have to bother anyone else.

Posted by RedX [send private reply] at June 30, 2001, 08:31:53 AM

Why? Don't you like to read a script 16 pages long? Never knowing what new bug you could discover. Where's your sense of adventure? And what's wrong with 15min. loading time? If you visite those threads several times a week, you'll have plenty of time to learn Greek (or Chinese).
When will people learn the advantages of a 2400bps modem? :o)


Posted by gian [send private reply] at July 01, 2001, 06:26:02 AM

RedX: Yes, there's nothing like debugging someone else's (especially a newbie's) code to develop a serious drug related problem!

Posted by RedX [send private reply] at July 05, 2001, 01:57:07 PM

You only have a drug problem when you run out of drugs.

I only debug my own code. I don't have time / feel like learning someone elses "creative" codeing and layout.


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