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ok, fixed that, now my events arn't firing... plz help

Posted by Brok3n_Link [send private reply] at August 08, 2002, 08:10:12 AM

alright, my previous problem us fixed(thanks eX). Now my events arn't going. i have RiaseEvents on most properties and have:

Dim WithEvents Player1 as cPlayer1
Dim WithEvents Player1 as cPlayer1

form_load(blah) 'this is further down

Set Player1 = New cPlayer1
Set Player2 = New cPlayer2

end sub

I've got it so when the player's name is changed, it updates the players piece(is boardgame) to say the new name, same with the score and the position. EXCEPT, the code in the form that is i nthe events for the RaiseEvents IS NOT RUNNING. THIS IS VERY BAD. I NEED THIS FIXED! plz help me!!!!

after further examination, the variables cannot be read either, eg.
msgbox Player1.playername doesn't happen.

Posted by Brok3n_Link [send private reply] at August 08, 2002, 08:24:28 AM

ok, fixed for myself. thanks for you help anyway. I had a some checking that wouldn't allow specifics, and i was testing it with some specifics, so it all sh@t itselph nicely. sorry, been up for ages and really have no idea what the @%&# i'm doing.

time for sl33p...

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