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msimg32.dll and directdraw

Posted by szevvy [send private reply] at September 01, 2002, 11:11:43 PM

when using the alphablend function from msimg32.dll with a normal hdc, it works fine, and yet when i try to do it on a hdc returned by a directdraw.getdc, it screws up my screen...what am i doing wrong?

Posted by CViper [send private reply] at September 02, 2002, 02:44:28 AM

DirectDraw emulates GDI calls on directdraw surface-DC's. Alpha blending isn't supported by direct draw/msimg32.dll functions aren't standart GDI functions, so they don't get emulated... (my guess)

A way to do alpha blending on direct draw surfaces would be with Direct3D.

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