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Source Control System

Posted by Neumann [send private reply] at September 19, 2002, 12:14:54 PM

I'm personnally using CVS for now but I'm sometimes baffled by it's complexity. I mean, I'm a single programmer, why use something that complex to do what should be very simples things: store/retrieve versions of code...

I'd like to about everybody here who uses a CVS everyday:
- What do you use?
- How do you use it?
- Why do you use it?
- Is it easy to use?
- What do you expect from a VCS?

I don't want to start a argument about which is the best VCS because I have tried many and the all provide the same set of function.

If you have any idea of what a PERSONNAL VCS should include, you can also post them.

Posted by regretfuldaydreamer [send private reply] at September 19, 2002, 05:02:51 PM


Posted by Neumann [send private reply] at September 19, 2002, 05:27:04 PM

VCS = Version Control System (generic term to describe the kind of software CVS is)

Posted by gian [send private reply] at September 19, 2002, 11:53:51 PM

I've only ever used CVS when using KDevelop, because it handles it all for you :-)

Posted by DragonWolf [send private reply] at September 20, 2002, 05:36:31 AM

We use Hell's Visual Source Safe. I'm not in charge of admining it but it works well. I don't think I would ever use this if I was just doing stuff personally, but in a team or company its pretty much a vital piece of software.

I would like to see something integrated with the windows explorer so you could just mess around with files like normal files except with a few extra features (like checking out and checking in files, version checking, etc)

I'm a windows user incase you hadn't guessed. I don't think I'll ever move over to linux. Its too much work to learn a new operating system (no matter if its better/worse).

Posted by unknown_lamer [send private reply] at September 20, 2002, 08:18:47 AM

I use CVS for my IRC Bot (which appears to be broken right now, eep, I better fix that and merge the logging patch in...). CVS isn't terribly complicated, but it is a large hack on top of RCS that is basically dead now. Subversion is going to be better than CVS and you might want to give it a try: http://subversion.tigris.org/ . You could also try using one of the graphical frontends to CVS or just use emacs with cvs-pcl (or is it the other way around? pcl-cvs?) and have your editor do everything for you.

Posted by Neumann [send private reply] at September 20, 2002, 08:25:57 AM

CVS gui for Windows all suck. WinCVS is a big failure, crashing for no reasons all the time.

Jalindi Igloo doesn't accept sourceforge cvsroots and it's the best SCC provider available for Windows.

I think that this time, I can blame Microsoft for making the SCC API public. That's their fault if I cannot enjoy a decent source-control program in Windows. I'd have to pay tons'O'bucks to use a commercial SourceControl software that I'd only partially use because I'm a single developper and all the commercial VCS are made for big teams.

I thought about starting a project on a simple version control system targeted for small team or single developpers but I'd like to hear more about how everybody use their VCS and if it's any worth to make a new one...

Posted by Neumann [send private reply] at September 20, 2002, 08:34:15 AM

Whoa! SubVersion looks really cool. I especially like the idea of using Apache as the server.

I'm surely gonna try it before I ever think about making my own VCS.

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