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help the amateurs partII !!!!!!!!

Posted by funksfaith [send private reply] at September 29, 2002, 12:54:18 PM

hey,i just finish reading up my c++ textbook .i need someone 2 show me where 2 kickoff with professional stuffs .i mean i need some small/minor projects that i can start with so that i can become a "guru".


Posted by DavidS [send private reply] at September 29, 2002, 01:45:14 PM

If you want anyone with any sort of professionalism to help you then you need to start speaking like a professional. At the very least, don't replace words with numbers.

Itz g0nnna be t0ugh to findz NE1s to help 1f you talkz like dis.

Beginner projects usually include:

Address Books - storing, retreiving, sorting and searching.

Small games are good for learning how to construct programs with many different parts and connecting them together.

IRC Clients are good practice for learning how to use sockets.

Just in general look for problems and solve them.

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