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Pascal BGI Difficulties

Posted by sinple [send private reply] at February 26, 2003, 07:52:16 AM

go and load up my pascal.
enter code as following:

program BGI_Problem;

uses Crt, Graph;

var Gd, Gm : integer;

InitGraph(Gd, Gm, 'C:\TP\BGI');

OutTextXY(20,20,'Hello - testing 1 2 3 ');

or to that extent
i go to run and i get 'Error 200: Division By Zero'
i have no mathimatical ops in my program? is it a fault in the graph/crt libs?

i was trying to get this to work on a C:\BP\BGI and i got this
TP\BGI worked fine
sorry for bad post - in one heaps of a rush and am very tired.
any help would be appreciated asap. thx in advance.

Posted by pramod [send private reply] at March 01, 2003, 12:17:20 PM

There's a bug in Borland's code which gives this error on all machines faster P-200's. There's nothing much you can do about it as far as I know. Borland stopped developing all these products a long time back and isn't bothered about it.

BTW, This happens on a lot of really cool dos games, which is unfortunate.

Posted by Neumann [send private reply] at March 01, 2003, 02:41:01 PM

There are some fix around the net for Borland DOS softwares. Search a bit they shouldn't be hard to find. There are several ones.

Posted by Sonarman [send private reply] at March 04, 2003, 01:15:31 PM

Neumann is right, there is (are?) a fix for that problem. You can get it here: http://fjf.gnu.de/bp-progs.html#NewDelay I've never tried it, but it looks like it will work :)

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