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Plz help wit VB

Posted by andymcnab [send private reply] at March 30, 2002, 02:12:13 PM

i am making an ai chat bot and i want to make it respond to seperate words in a sentance of words like computer for example, and then start talking bout processors, get the idea.
thanks a lot
help appreciated

Posted by RedX [send private reply] at March 30, 2002, 04:22:17 PM

Am I the only one here who can't read other peoples minds?
Or did you forget to write your question?


Posted by metamorphic [send private reply] at March 31, 2002, 10:56:28 AM

a crude and simple way would be to have an array and fill it up with the words you want it to recognise. Then when someone says something to it, it looks thru this array to see if one of the words matches.

Posted by CodeRed [send private reply] at March 31, 2002, 05:14:54 PM

You could write a neural net which utilizes a word bank and builds bonds between each word and every other word. The more often it hears two words used in conjunction the stronger the bond between those two words would become. Theoretically, if given enough time, it could learn to talk with some degree of legebility

Posted by gian [send private reply] at April 01, 2002, 02:32:31 AM

I'm guessing it will be in VB.... :-( Neural nets are a bit beyond that, methinks.

Posted by andymcnab [send private reply] at April 01, 2002, 04:46:17 AM

metamorphic, i am a bit of a noob, could you plz tell me how to do an array please!!
thank you all who replied!!


Posted by metamorphic [send private reply] at April 01, 2002, 06:32:32 AM

ok, you know about data types right? you have your integers, doubles, strings plus others right? well imagine you want to store 100 numbers in a program. you could do it like this:

dim num1 as integer
dim num2 as integer
dim num3 as integer
dim num99 as integer
dim num100 as integer

now that would take ages to type and also it is extreamly inefficient and hard to reference. Arrays solve that problem. the same problem above solved by an array would look like this

dim num(100) as integer

you tell VB that you want 100 variables called num that are type integer.

now to access an array element you use:

num(x) wheere x is the element you want to reference.

for example to put a number into an array and then display that number in a textbox:
dim numbers(5) as integer
numbers(1) = 1

text1.text = numbers(1)

A bot is a bit to advanced if you are a newbie.

And i will also be explaining arrays in more detail in my tutorials


Posted by Psion [send private reply] at April 01, 2002, 06:39:09 AM

A bot is very easy to write. It was one of the first non-trivial programs I made.

Posted by metamorphic [send private reply] at April 01, 2002, 06:59:30 AM

i meant a nural net using bot

Posted by vikram_1982 [send private reply] at April 02, 2002, 01:46:52 AM

Try this. Connect a MS ACCESS database to ur VB program(it is the default. I fu r comfortable with Oracle, go 4 it, it will work) . Now write all the words and the description for that word as a record in the db. Now, use the Text to speech component of VB to speak it out(Get it!!!!). I guess this should be the easiest way to do it. All the best.....


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