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Server Side Scripting ( PERL)

Posted by vikram_1982 [send private reply] at April 03, 2002, 12:48:03 AM

Do i necessarily need to have the Apache Server software installed on my Server to run PERL scripts. Can i run them without it? If yes, plz tell me how.... Also, r there any other s/w available to run PERL . I basically need to run cgi scripts on my site. It will be OK if i need to use C++ gor the CGI scripts. What r the s/w required to run CGI written in C/C++. Ur help will be greately appreciated...


Posted by taubz [send private reply] at April 03, 2002, 02:43:20 AM

There is only one program which can run Perl scripts, and it is the Perl interpreter. It exists on pretty much all Unix machines, and you can download it for Windows. That's all you need to run Perl scripts (note that it has nothing to do with the Internet yet). How the Perl interpreter connects to the internet depends on the web server software (eg Apache) that you use.

I don't recommend even thinking about using C for CGI.

However, I do recommend that you read up on what CGI actually is (do a google search). You'll find your question has a lot less meaning when you understand how absurdly simple of an idea CGI is.

- taubz (who will now begin to refrain from answering questions so that he doesn't stop the real "teen" members from having a fair shot)

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