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Web Development

Posted by JG16uk [send private reply] at August 02, 2002, 07:00:29 PM

I need to develop a application (Web Browser based) that can send information to a visual basic server application running WinSock I have looked at Java but I am wondering is there anyother's to think about

Posted by Neumann [send private reply] at August 02, 2002, 07:16:30 PM

I think you should give more informations about what you want to do. Is your Winsock app running on the server? Does that app includes an HTTP server or something to directly connect onto? Please elaborate.

Posted by eXorcus [send private reply] at August 07, 2002, 01:39:56 PM

If what you're looking for is that info be stored on a server, available for access by your VB client program, probably your best bet would be to use the INet control (I'm pretty sure that's the one) which automates HTTP connections and such. So say you had usernames and passwords stored on your server at http://www.server.com/uname.pwl, you could set your INet control to download uname.pwl from www.server.com, store it in a temp file and parse it that way.

If you were looking for a program that sends data in real time, you will need to use Winsock, and you'll need to be able to run the server program on the server which means you will need to be running your OWN server...no free hosting. =P

Hope that helps.

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