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new here and how do i make a website

Posted by PopGirl1528 [send private reply] at August 04, 2002, 01:43:16 PM

what would be the best place to make one and can any1 tell me any good HTML sites for beginners??

thank you,Carissa

Posted by FatalDragon [send private reply] at August 04, 2002, 01:49:06 PM

Well, Geocities, Geocities UK & Ireland, and Tripod are pretty good free servers to host a site (All three have HTML and What You See Is What You Get HTML editers). Webmonkey.com has some good tutorials on HTML, and more advanced topics like JavaScript, and web programming.
Hope that helps.

Posted by Psion [send private reply] at August 04, 2002, 03:40:11 PM

You might want to visit http://www.teendev.com/ . They are more oriented towards web design, whereas TPU is about (surprise surprise) programming.

Posted by CodeRed [send private reply] at August 04, 2002, 04:10:05 PM

If you have a cable connection you could host your site on your own computer using apache, all you'd have to do is register a domain name, unless you wanted to call your site (or whatever your IP happens to be)

Posted by AnyoneEB [send private reply] at August 05, 2002, 10:03:14 AM

Actually I did do that for a while, CodeRed, on my cable modem... but you can get a free domain at http://dot.tk/ you can get yourdomain.tk, it does add a pop-up ad to your site, but that should be expected for a free anything on the internet :).

Posted by mop [send private reply] at August 05, 2002, 05:45:14 PM

You can get rid of the pop-up on the user preferences at tk.. theres always cjb.net too..

This probably isn't the _best_ place for non complicated answers about non complicated topics though. just a warning.

Posted by mrnorman [send private reply] at August 06, 2002, 12:46:28 PM

www.htmlgoodies.com, that's where I learned my first HTML stuff, and I found it to be a great beginner site. As far as hosting, they're all crazy, lol, but Geocities seems fine if you don't mind the ads everywhere.

Posted by AngelOD [send private reply] at August 07, 2002, 03:30:04 PM

Not all of those free services are crazy. There's a few that won't put banners on your pages, or popups. And if you just want a domain, well that's kinda simple too, as you can get the DNS hosted for free at www.granitecanyon.com :o)

Posted by regretfuldaydreamer [send private reply] at August 10, 2002, 11:30:53 AM

A word of caution:

Do any of you lot have sisters in the age category of 12-16. They go mad for as many cool little html effects they can find(they copy and paste them, not having a clue what they mean or how they work). The problem is once they find someone who will help them make their diarys and homepages(note HOMEPAGES, not web sites) they tell their freinds and so on. This site will become swamped with teenage girls looking how to improve their diarys (www.teenopendiary.com, www.freeopendiary.com, www.diaryland.com ...). I have nothing against teenage girls and their diarys, their soimetimes funny to read, but if you don't want them overrunning this place(and wasting the valuable bandwidth that the admins pay out for) then don't be too encouraging.

By the way this knowledge isn't some prejudice I've picked up. Iwitness it first hand when my sis is updating her diary and spends hours on a few lines of HTML that I could have written(or she could have written if she'd take an hour to read a small HTML book) every day. And all the girls in her class have these diarys, homepages etc. so I'm told.

Posted by Nyiah [send private reply] at August 10, 2002, 02:30:18 PM

lol... it's a girl thing... just like how we'd buy something that we don't need for five dollars while a guy finds something he actually needs for a buck...

Posted by FatalDragon [send private reply] at August 10, 2002, 06:44:21 PM

I understand your concern, but I don't think it'll become that big of a problem.

Posted by Psion [send private reply] at August 10, 2002, 08:21:07 PM

I would personally advocate picking some good URL with web site creation resources and simply directing anyone asking about it to that site. It might also be good to really use that FAQ system, and delete messages that ask questions found in it, with a private message note to the poster asking him to read the FAQ.

Posted by mop [send private reply] at August 10, 2002, 11:11:17 PM

good idea, seeing as we only have about 2 of these questions floating around at any given time. In 30 foot heigh flamming letters on the front page you could say "To all people here to ask about how to build a website: GO HOME".

Posted by regretfuldaydreamer [send private reply] at August 11, 2002, 10:28:57 AM

Hmmmmmm... I might make a website explaining the ins and outs of building a websites for beginners, then again I was going to also make one that gathered up all the good online tutorials for programming into zip files, so that you could read them offline. Then again I was going to make a fishing website for this summer. I don't think we should tell them to f*** off, simply redirect them to some site with a message board about web design. I can't remember its url, but I know I found it in the same google or yahoo cateogory as this, I just can't remember which one.

Posted by diegoeskryptic [send private reply] at August 12, 2002, 12:06:36 AM

so what ever happened to POPgirl?

Posted by mop [send private reply] at August 12, 2002, 12:41:05 AM

maybe she wanted a simple answer.
This website's slogan should be "We make easy answers hard"

Posted by RedX [send private reply] at August 12, 2002, 10:19:03 AM

Or "we answer all the questions with polymorphic topics threads."

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