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Linux Distrios for N00bs

Posted by DragonWolf [send private reply] at December 09, 2002, 07:18:16 AM

I'm getting bored of Windows Programming and I've decided its about time I started using linux.

What distro would you recommend for a Home-user/Developer/Gamer? I'll probably will end up tweaking linux a bit, but nothing major.

Also, where can I get some decent games for linux (and decently priced)? Like Q3/UT2k/RTCW?

Posted by taubz [send private reply] at December 09, 2002, 07:41:34 AM

I like RedHat.

Posted by mop [send private reply] at December 09, 2002, 08:25:52 AM

mandrake is very n00b friendly, but I would recommend Red Hat. I got RTCW to run on my Red Hat machine very well, if you need any help later e-mail me.

Posted by ItinitI [send private reply] at December 09, 2002, 09:44:53 AM

I like Turbolinux, but RedHat is probly a little better. Just make sure you identify your Sound card, graphic card, and modem before installing.

Posted by gian [send private reply] at December 09, 2002, 03:13:00 PM

RedHat 8 is great.

Posted by CDR700 [send private reply] at December 09, 2002, 07:08:57 PM

Well your choice is clearly Mandrake/RedHat ( from the fine comments above ), however there are other distributions which are not very good for begginers but do boast some rewards. FreeBSD ( not linux , but what the hey ) and Beehive Linux. As you live in the UK you might want to join a local LUG ( Linux Users Group ) they will be helpful and there are LUGS all over Brtain ( http://www.lug.org.uk ) and if you want to buy pre-burned linux http://www.cheeplinux.com offer some with almost next day UK delivery. Definetely have a look at LUGS in your area and dont forget there is something called Linux Format and Linux Magazine ( avalible in your local WhSMITH and some Tesco Stores ) which have begginer tutorials and useful CD/DVD roms ( around ?5.99/4.29 each ).

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