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Exhibition Alpha part 2

Posted by unknown_lamer [send private reply] at April 08, 2003, 09:37:01 AM

Please don't tell me that my IRC bot is the only submission.

Posted by taubz [send private reply] at April 08, 2003, 11:02:27 AM

So far. There's still plenty of time left for others to submit.

Posted by Qubit [send private reply] at April 08, 2003, 08:49:13 PM

I'm an old timer and not a Teen... and so I cannot submit my half-assed 1/10th functional super-duper Bridge Simulator! :D I did program once upon a time. And that was quite an achievment for me, but in a sort of juvenile way (i.e., I'm sure long-time coders would vomit at my "style" and "usage.").

Then there is the JavaBot, but I don't know where the source is. Rtav might have it. But again, we're old timers ^_^

Posted by unknown_lamer [send private reply] at April 08, 2003, 09:40:39 PM

The version I submitted has a bug that makes it segfault at times. Actually, all the time (stupid UserList). Anyway, I'll fix it and release 2.1.3 tommorow (probably) because I know how to trigger it and where the bug probably is, but I just need to step through the code in a debugger to see what happens at runtime (one of the many reasons I can't wait until Guile 1.8 is released with pthreads support so I can use threads instead of the huge complicated select loop gook...).

Posted by CViper [send private reply] at April 13, 2003, 05:41:48 AM

I think my stuff should be working before april 30 - I just got back from a one-week trip with school. Didn't do much besides getting drunk there, so I feel sh*t right now :(

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