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Newbie @ Computer Security

Posted by THUG [send private reply] at June 11, 2003, 09:01:51 PM

I'm interested in a career in Cryptography, but I would like to know more about Computer Security would would be the top three books and websites to learn I'm a Newbie so please help me out, I dont know programming or Linux Sowwy wish I did I have Red Hat but havent partitioned my drive yet. So please help, thanks so much in advance. I want to be CISSP Certified.

Posted by diegoeskryptic [send private reply] at June 12, 2003, 05:11:03 PM

Ah.. interested in Computer security like me eh? A good book to buy is Network+ Guide to Networks (ISBN0-7600-1145-1)This is an earlier addition and its cheap. I brought it on http://www.half.com for 5 bucks) When u get this book be sure to read it carefully. at the end of every chapter are exercises and hands on projects that could be easily done in a school lab.

A good site to search through is http://maththinking.com/boat/computerbooks.html
They offer tons of free computer related books. Make sure u look carefully through the site and also be sure to check out the Link that says "Other IT book sites".

An if ur interested in Linux.. consider creating an account on www.redhat.com or at least reading through it. Also create an account on the site called http://www.justlinux.com it is equivalent to this site, but it deals with LINUX :-) the people there are always willing to help, no matter how lame ur question may sound.

These next sites are the sites I visit alot and they are pretty good:



http://www.unixgeeks.org (Very Good Newbie site)

Do a google search for "how to become a hacker" and look for the essay by Erick Raymond. The site is currently down but should be back up soon.

I wouldn't really recommend the sites Itiniti suggested because they dont really teach u anything. Its mostly tips and tricks to make u look kool in front of friends. If u have some kind of instant messenger I can send u Red Hat Linux 7.2 Bible (its already in PDF format).

Posted by split [send private reply] at June 17, 2003, 04:30:22 PM

Heh, you read b0iler's site too?

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