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Ummm... I just won a T-Shirt

Posted by stilldo [send private reply] at June 24, 2003, 01:36:17 AM

WooHOO! I'm not entirely sure that you will believe this, but a few weeks ago I entered a contest hosted by www.macgamer.com, in which I had to write a 500 word essay describing why nudity is a good thing.

Apparently, I did this so well that I actually won a T-Shirt, which I shall, of course, wear proudly at every opportunity. Perhaps I will start a life of travelling to small country villages and letting people touch me for a small fee, so that the incredibly godliness that is me may rub off :P

Anyway, you're probably wondering what this essay was, exactly, so here we go:


We all know the feeling, when you have arranged to go to the newest, hippest nightclub in town with your trophy-girl, and have just changed into your newest, hippest set of trendy gear, when you realise that, with fashion styling being as convoluted as it is, perhaps you just aren?t cool enough. Imagine what it would be like to go to a new, hip and above all, trendy nightclub with a set of clothes so dated they?re just one step away from eloping and setting up a small family in the bottom of someone?s sock drawer.

But then, what if you are cool, hip, trendy and new, and if you were to change anything at all about your getup, then you?d look about a hip, cool and trendy as your dad. The risks the people that are into fashion must face would overwhelm those who don?t feel that they are new, hip, cool or trendy enough to even try to look? like that.

So, if only we could make the people of the world that face this kind of risk every day feel more secure, more comfortable in the world, then it truly would be a better place. However, there is only one option if we want to go down this path of good, and that?s nudity.

There are a variety of great reasons why all people should just walk around with a free source of air-conditioning, so to speak, apart from the fact that it would help those, poor, hip, trendy, cool people.

One obvious one is that it would save these same cool, trendy and hip people thousands of dollars a year in clothing, and, while the fashion industry would probably collapse, the fact remains that so many other industries would benefit: central heating companies would make billions extra as people shiver through a lack of hip, and/or trendy jumpers that they would otherwise wearing, and the medical industry for their diligence in treating the likely multitude of pneumonia victims.

But, of course, we must consider the effects of those who are not hip, trendy or cool. Those people would suddenly have a new standing in life as they are raised to the level of those who used to be above them on the pecking order because of the sudden lack of any clothing at all, except for the odd posing pouch for the unenlightened.

Rugby would take on a whole new atmosphere, as would wrestling, which would definitely make them more popular by half, given time, with the red faces of the players being a common sight for all.

This is just a taste of what would come if all people were to strut their funky stuff in a new and original way, communing with nature in the streets, and making all people equal ? wars would end, people would dance in the streets, and those who clung to the disgusting idea of clothing would be shunned, as is right and proper. Nudity is the only way.


Nudity For All! Down With Pants!

Posted by CodeX [send private reply] at June 24, 2003, 09:52:24 AM

LOL, so, what's the shirt look like?? I vote we all strip down, write source code on ourselves and free all the animals in the zoo!

Posted by stilldo [send private reply] at June 24, 2003, 04:57:26 PM

I dont know what it looks like, but I want the one that reads "YOU fix driver problems: I'll play Mac Games"


Good suggestion, but I think I might spook the animals...

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