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computer organization

Posted by satishj [send private reply] at October 22, 2001, 01:10:55 AM

heloo one and all,

plz help me by telling me the sites which will be having some solved problems

in the areas of computer system architechure(memory organization,combinational
circuits etc..),automea theroy,operating systems ..

thanx in advance.

wating for ur responce

Posted by PredeX [send private reply] at November 05, 2001, 05:04:30 PM

well seems like you should start learning assembly... if you want a pretty good tutorial on it, take a look at these links:
http://webster.cs.ucr.edu (site seemed to be offline as I tried to access it, or you search google.com for "Art of Assembly Language Programming")

If you need a MASM compiler search at this page:

Here is a WIN32 Forum:

Hope this will satisfy you for the first, if you need more, contact me by posting here...


PS: Or send me email to: MP_Samurai@hotmail.com

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