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Win32k.sys (Blue screen of death - Win2k style!)

Posted by gian [send private reply] at December 06, 2001, 12:49:49 AM

I'm running Win2K Pro and it has been running fine up until this point when whilst trying to mount a network drive, and then restarting, I was presented with something I hadn't seen in a while... a blue screen of death! I tried restarting several times, but it kept coming back, complaining of "STOP: (then a large string of hex numbers) KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" followed by even more hex numbers, and then finally saying the exception was in "Win32k.sys". I am able to go into safe mode, and I uninstalled Service pack 2, in the hope that the file would be replaced... it was, but the error persists.

I am frustrated, and will soon start to hit my head against hard objects like brick walls.

Posted by taubz [send private reply] at December 06, 2001, 02:56:26 PM

I think we should all work on a new OS. :-)

Actually, honestly I think everyone should help the Wine project to get Windows onto RH. That would be sweet.

Posted by CodeRed [send private reply] at December 07, 2001, 02:06:06 PM

Just 2k pro? I had 2000 professional server on my machine... and I HATED it. Now I'm back to my good old WinME beta, fast as hell and rock solid (seriously)

Posted by Setherd123 [send private reply] at December 07, 2001, 06:16:45 PM

Windows ME is a gem.

Posted by gian [send private reply] at December 07, 2001, 07:15:31 PM

I fixed it... it was some renegade app.... (reachout to be exact). Unistallation did the trick, and now Win2k is back to it's nice friendly old self.

Posted by ronybc [send private reply] at December 08, 2001, 09:03:22 AM

Why don't you realise that solving kmode exceptions is beyond the scope of tpu.... even being you R one of our holly administrators. (i hate administrators b'cos i don't have the su password of the machine that me works..! HMMM... WHY THE HELL IS THIS PHYSICALLY DO ANYTHING'ABLE BOX IS PASSWORD PROTECTED?)

if you did show those hex stuff to me... i would probably repair that silly win32k.sys file for you... before microsoft releasing their next fix. Anyway... thankx gian for guiding me to win32k.shits. i've pointed my torch towards the win 32 k sys area of the net... and found that all the ring0 stuffs happen in win2000 via this f***** win32k.sys and it sucks sometimes...... ehhhhhhhhhh......:)

sorry... for being this a tpu kind of response.

No Setherd.... Windows XP is the gem. It rocks your monitor with 'gamma correction'... which apple and sun have done years before with their OS's.

*Don't broke those walls. ;)

Posted by CodeRed [send private reply] at December 08, 2001, 11:32:11 AM

Gamma correction? How stupid is that. I don't want my OS messing with my monitor settings. If I need to adjust the gamma Ill do it myself

Posted by gian [send private reply] at December 08, 2001, 01:59:38 PM

Honestly... Win2k is really good.... it was a 3rd party app that broke it... and the first one to do so at that.

Posted by have_dinner [send private reply] at December 09, 2001, 09:43:59 PM

well get this boys.... trying to get my vid card to play DVD TV out, i lost both screens(ie: OS was trying to display on TVout even when it was not plugged in, and when it was there was no display)... so there i am, taking out my vid card... putting in a 4mg video card to load my box(i have a 64 meg video card)... uninstalling the drivers for my 64mg card... swapping cards back... then installing the drivers again... only after that... i wanted to play a song... suddenly, system reboots... so i think... oh, power surge maybe... but no... again.. i tried re-installing sound drivers... still rebooting... eventually i had to resort to using microsofts "system restore" utility... this solved the problem... amazing huh???

i was running windows XP(still am)

Posted by taubz [send private reply] at December 10, 2001, 02:39:29 PM

After installing RH7.2 w/ GNOME this weekend, running along side Win98 and WinXP Beta 2, I've come to the conclusion that all of these window-based GUIs are inherently unstable. But of all of them, I still like my good ol' Win98.

(Seriously, RH7.2/XWindows was no more stable than Win98. When RH went into a screensaver, I think it went into a suspend of some sort too, and it never came back. These are the sorts of things I expected of Microsoft.)

- taubz

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