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Project RTS - programmers needed

Posted by Itis [send private reply] at December 19, 2001, 04:27:41 PM

Hello everyone. Let me tell you about a game in dev by Itis Creations, a group of people accross the world connected via a forum, working on a game codenamed Project RTS. The game is set to be a fantasy real time, economical management game. We have a basic engine using GML (Game Maker Language), however the engine doesnt support isometric views of a conventional game. We have found a great software development kit specifically designed for real time strategy and isometric games. However, C/C++ knowledge is required to make the game using the SDK, and none of our programmers know C/C++. We need someone from here, who knows quite a bit of C/C++ on a Linux based machine (the SDK comes in a linux package). Any contribution would be great. We already have graphics and music going, so just a case of making the engine. If you would like to learn more about our game, go to http://www.dpso.net/Games/itis

or if you want to join the team, send me an email to

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