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Designer and Artists desire Programmers

Posted by Pfhreak [send private reply] at February 28, 2002, 11:44:16 PM


My name is Phill Spiess, I'm a student in North Western Washington. I've become somewhat of a lead for a group known as "Amber Innovations." Amber Innovations is a group of mostly artists and musicians looking to put together a full fledged computer game. I've begun the process of learning to program myself, but I'm a long ways off from anything more advanced than basic windows.

We've got a couple of coders on board at the moment (2 to be precise, not including myself) and we are looking for more. We need programmers who are familiar with either OpenGL or DirectX (or, who are willing to learn.) The concept behind the game is simple, but somewhat difficult to put into a small amount of words. If you are curious about the concept, please feel free to email me at: p_spiess@amberinnovations.com

Our needs are not limited to simply programmers. Anyone is welcome to help out. We could use someone to maintain our web page down the line. 3D modelers are also welcome to flesh out our ranks. Our game is conceptually designed and the design docs are well under way, so our need for help with plot development is somewhat thin. Still, if you feel like you've got a unique talent, feel free to email me. (Or simply post here.)

Because we are college students, we are undeniably poor. That means we won't be able to pay anyone until the project turns a profit sometime down the road (at which point everyone gets their cut).

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Phill Spiess
Project Lead: Project Chronicle

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