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Posted by BEDGE [send private reply] at May 01, 2002, 02:30:12 PM

Any urls to XHTML editors. Is it right that all browsers support the one version of it unlike HTML .

Posted by unknown_lamer [send private reply] at May 01, 2002, 03:05:08 PM

Emacs can edit xhtml fine...I'm currently modifying html-helper-mode to work more nicely with xhtml. Bluefish is nice too (even nicer than Emacs using html-helper-mode, but I am fixing that...). Of course, I'm the crazy GNU/Linux guy that doesn't know anything about Windows.

My site (http://unknownlamer.org) is xhtml 1.0 STRICT (yes, every single page validates!) and it renders fine in every browser I have used (lynx, links, emacs-w3, w3m, mozilla, konqueror, dillo, netscape 4.76, ie). Xhtml 1.0 is basically HTML 4, but written in XML so there are a few more rules (DOCTYPE is required, empty elements end in /> instead of >, you have to match all tags, tags are always lowercase, attributes must be enclosed in quotes (e.g. <img alt="foo" /> instead of <img alt=foo />), etc). Also, in STRICT all of the style related tags have been removed (e.g. <font>) so you have to use CSS for that stuff (e.g. <h1 style="{ i forgot CSS since I stopped caring about visual appearance };">).

Posted by BEDGE [send private reply] at May 02, 2002, 06:24:42 AM

Is there any editors in the mould of a dreamweaver or a html to xhtml converter program

Posted by unknown_lamer [send private reply] at May 02, 2002, 08:01:44 AM

You want to use tidy to convert incorrect HTML to xhtml. You can grab tidy from http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/ . RTFM for its xhtml options.

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