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Linux reading NTFS, does it care about allow/deny settings?

Posted by AnyoneEB [send private reply] at May 16, 2002, 04:19:52 PM

I have an NTFS drive set-up and I want to know if I lose the OS (WinXP Pro) will I still be able to access all my files using some other OS, meaning through Linux.
I'm asking this because this is the third time I've installed WinXP and I have a tendency to try to tweak a bit more than I'm actully skilled enough to do.

Posted by unknown_lamer [send private reply] at May 16, 2002, 05:11:44 PM

Yes, the Linux kernel does have NTFS support. You should read the NTFS HOWTO (tldp.org) ...

Posted by AnyoneEB [send private reply] at May 16, 2002, 06:37:46 PM

I saw you can do this through DOS without a password. Tx for the link, very useful.

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