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Name:James A. Payne I
E-mail address: james at sherman3d.com
Geographic location:james@sherman3d.com
Employer/school: Fort Saskatchewan High
Occupation/field of study: SDL/QT/GTK Programming, PHP/Perl Webmastering
Last Visited: January 22, 2002, 05:55:14 PM
Other information: I'm a confused WereWolf... Deluxe. Oh yeah, I think Ferrets are cool.

Would like to know how to draw, but sadly, cannot draw that well, despite drawing for most of his life.

What ma names means:
First translation I took for this Nihongo phrase was "Just that." At the time, I would jokingly mix American Slang with Japanese phrases knowing perfectly well that they would not translate properly. I jokingly took "Dake Desu's" first meaning of "Just That" as the Jerry Springer "I'm Just That," the often used phrased by trailer park trash sleeping with their best friend's homosexual neo-nazi husband.

Of course this course on Nihongo would also insist on saying "desu" and "watashi" (which should be wataKAshi, unless your a woman).

I was later told that it also meant "Thats All," so I joked that that was a grain of humility to my boasting name.
The next meaning I have to the name Dake Desu is "The Only," which I have yet to figure out some witty comment to that (comment no. `1654 still pending).
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