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  Question: How does this FAQ system work? [Suggest Answer]

Psion: The questions and answers are arranged by topic. Anyone who is logged in can submit a new question or a new answer to an old question. Answers can use all of the same formatting codes as forum messages. Administrators review and, if necessary, edit submissions before making them publicly viewable. If you think you have a question that belongs in a new topic, please post your new topic ideas in the Suggestions forum elsewhere on this site.

Question: How do I post code in messages/FAQs? [Suggest Answer]

taubz: Enclose code between a [ % and a % ] (without the spaces around them).

 Code looks like this. 

Question: What do I do now that I've registered? [Suggest Answer]

Psion: See this page: http://www.tpu.org/tea/About

gian: Or this page:

whizkide: Definitely this page:

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