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Learning Group Mailing List. Please join it if you are interested in this LG's subject.

We're working on this whole "Interest Group" thing here.

In the mean time, you can't go wrong by reading Sun's The Java Tutorial!

  • Eclipse IDE: A pretty good development environment for Java, written in Java.
  • Forte for Java (IDE): Very well-made IDE for Java programming.
  • JBuilder 5 Personal Edition: Another good and popular Java IDE
  • JCreator Java IDE: A Nice Java IDE with code completion facility
  • Java API Reference: A reference for the standard Java classes. This is the manual referred to in RTFM (wrt Java).
  • Sun's Java: The source for the standard in Java technology.
  • The Java Tutorial (Sun): A practical guide for programmers, with hundreds of complete, working example

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    The Java LG is now up and running. Want to join others in learning Java, come to the LG.
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